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Spare parts

The following represents a small selection from our range.
If your part is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us per email or our hotline. you will receive a reply as soon as possible.
Furthermore, we will be glad to help you with our advisory services – round the clock!

battery for inverter sytems
connection cable for hydraulic cylinder
azimut sensors
Beckhoff components
Crowbar for controlling
CSC 3 HU control units
CSC 3 SU control units
DCB cards in exchange
display WP3059
incremental encoder
pressure compensation vessel
pressure sensors
electric rotary feedthroughs
elastomer bearing
spare parts for SEG and Weier inverter systems
transmission oil pump
oil and hydraulic filters
hydraulic valves
hydraulic rotary feedthroughs

IGBT Power Stacks
inductive proximity sensors with cable
carbon brushes
holder for carbon brushes
cooling water pumps
coupling and coupling elements
Lightbus PC interface cards
fan GD 133-2k-40206
diaphragm pressure expansion vessels
motor protection switches
pitch cylinder
PT 100 temperature senders
pums elements (hydraulic, gear, etc …)
rotors blades
rotor hub for D6-1250 kW
cradle for rotor hubs
slip ring box for Weier generators
sensor for wind speed and direction
sensor cable

sensor discs
security cylinders
SKiiP – air cooled
SKiiP – water cooled
power supply SITOP
flow monitors for gear oil
temperature switch
surge arresters
resistance thermometer
weather vanes
Cylinder for rotor lock

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