We offer expert and competent fault analysis.
We offer immediate assistance in the event of fault occurrance.
We are prepared to assist third parties with our expertise.

Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbines

  • troubleshooting of electrical system
  • troubleshooting of hydraulic system
  • troubleshooting of mechanical systems

Remote Monitoring of Wind Turbines of various WEC Manufacturers per Remote Control program

  • provision of remote monitoring 24 hrs / 7 days
  • analysis of data provided by wind turbine
  • tabular analysis incl graphs
  • qualified technical support by service technicians for Operators

Dismantling and reassembly of major components

  • dismantling and reassembly of wind turbines (repowering and re-commissioning)
  • dismantling and reassembly of rotors including component sales and replacement
  • dismantling and reassembly of generators and gearboxes including component sales and replacement
  • planning, implementation and monitoring of projects (supervisor)

Visual Inspection

  • gearbox and generator inspection per video endoscope
  • rotor blades and tower (inside and outside as far as accessible)
  • provision of inspection reports
  • detailed photo documentation

Drive-Train Alignment

  • laser-based verification existing alignment
  • correction of alignment errors and subsequent control taking into account the manufacturer tolerances
  • documentation of work performed

Balancing of wind turbines (Field balancing)

  • determination and documentation of the vibrational condition of the wind turbine (rotor) before and after balancing
  • record existing values and targeted values
  • use of state-of-the-art balancing technology in cooperation with a measuring technology manufacturer
  • determination of aerodynamic imbalance (for more information, see “blade angle check”)
  • determination of mass imbalance and evaluation of imbalance according to DIN ISO 1940
  • documentation of detected imbalance and subsequent balancing
  • photo documentation (graphical representation)
  • certified specialists (ISO 18436-2)
  • Service: measuring, analyzing, eliminating and checking

Blade angle check

  • photographic inspection of the blade angle

We are currently working on a new development for laser-optimized blade angle testing and for determining the aerodynamic imbalance.

Portable Vibration Measurements including Expert Analysis

  • drivetrain vibration measurements and evaluation (mobile, online and offline) based on VDI 3834 in accordance with ISO 10816-21
  • differing Turbines have have different points of measurement – X,Y & Z (horizontal, vertical and axial)
  • record of measurement reports with analysis results and expert recommendations
  • further repeated measurements and comparison with previous results (trend)
  • certified specialists (ISO 18436-2)

Additional services

  • Rotor blade bearing analysis, based on vibration analysis
  • Electrical engineering test “DGUV regulation 3”
  • Inspection of the safety device (for example PSAgA, on-board crane, climbing protection device)
  • Lightning protection testing

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